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Episode 30: Getting Started with IBC in Your 50’s

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain Is it too late to get started if you’re now in your 50’s? How can Infinite Banking help you create financial security for your retirement? We cover these topics and more...

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Episode 29: Why You Need IBC in your 40’s (Part 2)

This episode picks up after episode 27 “Why You Need IBC In Your 40’s” to discuss how we use IBC focusing the asset accumulation side of wealth building. Just like the old saying, there’s more than one way to skin a cat… there’s no limit to how you can use Infinite Banking. Using the IBC...

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Episode 28: how Current Events Affect IBC

So many current events to feed the headlines but 99.99% of the chatter is either irrelevant or dangerous to our economic health. One of the rarely mentioned benefits to Infinite Banking is how it brings clarity and focus to the “noise” that’s all around us. Join us as we break down how current events shape...

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Episode 27: Why You Need IBC® in Your 40’s (Part 1)

This episode is probably one of our favorites because it’s packed full of reasons why you should make Infinite Banking a part of your overall financial plan. By your 40’s you’ve probably accumulated enough financial experience to have doubt about how viable a 100% stock market and term life insurance only approach will be come...

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Episode 26: Getting Started with IBC® in Your 30s

In this week’s episode, we explore the importance of getting started with Infinite Banking in your 30’s. At this point in life, your career is likely coming into focus but your idea of what constitutes a financial plan may be predicated on what your employer told you should do but planning for a retirement at...

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Episode 25: Getting Started with IBC in Your 20’s

In this weeks episode, we discuss the financial challenges facing 20 year old’s today, what their priorities should be financially, and why they should be looking at IBC as way to build a rock solid foundation for their future. We also turn back the clock to our 20’s. One of us was responsible and the...

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Episode 24: Understanding Whole Life Dividends

Thank you for joining us for the latest episode of The Fifth Edition, the podcast dedicated to learning and implementing The Infinite Banking Concept into your life! In this week’s episode, our hosts discuss how dividends from a Whole Life policy work and why dividends can be so confusing for people trying to better understand...

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Episode 23: Creating Income with Whole Life Insurance

Join us for episode 23 where we discuss how to create income from your Whole Life Insurance. Most people tend to think about Whole Life policies only for its permanent death benefit protection but one of the incredible long-term benefits of Whole Life is how it provides more options in retirement than the default Wall...

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