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Episode 21: Who Should You Insure First?

In this week’s episode, we discuss who to insure first (yourself, spouse, or your child) when getting started with IBC. This topic came about because as IBC practitioners, we’ve found that people often think it’s best to go with the youngest person in the household but this isn’t always the case. We discuss the rules...

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Episode 20: A Financial Bunker For Hyperinflation, Pandemics, and Everything Else

The year 2020 has been one to forget for so many reasons and there are a lot of concerns and questions about what to do financially. Should we be buying precious metals, crypto, keep investing the market, and how in the world does an Infinite Banking Whole Life policy fit in with your overall financial...

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Episode 19: What is Our Biggest Financial Problem?

The average American is conditioned to give up control and access of their money, chase rate of return, and hope it all works out in the end. It’s a huge financial problem that affects every household that follows the mainstream financial advice promoted by traditional banks and Wall Street. Sadly, this financial advice is all...

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Episode 18: Ideal Characteristics of a Perfect Investment

In this week’s episode, IBC authorized practitioner’s John Montoya and John Perrings discuss all the ideal characteristics you should want if the perfect investment existed. In other words, where is the best place for money? It’s an interesting subject because most people put money in 1 of 3 places: traditional banks, qualified plans like 401k/IRA’s,...

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Episode 17: How, When, And Should You “Pay Up” a Whole Life Policy

In this week’s episode, IBC practitioners John Montoya and John Perrings discuss what separates the average Whole Life policy from an Infinite Banking designed Whole Life policy when it comes to the flexibility of deciding when to stop paying premium. In the year 2020, the majority of people still believe Whole Life premiums need to...

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Episode 16: Taking Advantage of Human Life Value

In this week’s episode of The Fifth Edition, we discuss how and why you should be taking advantage of your Human Life Value, especially as it pertains to the Infinite Banking Concept. If you’re thinking long range, you should not only be thinking 3 generations ahead but how you can start your next IBC policies....

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Episode 15: Whole Life is Not an Expense

In today's episode we discuss Whole Life insurance to better understand the expense side of Whole Life policies and how it relates to Infinite Banking.

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Episode 14: 3 Lessons IBC Can Teach You About Money

Learn the 3 most important life lessons IBC teaches about money that you won't learn by following the conventional financial models.

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